Steven Universe Fan Art

More of interpreting stylized drawings into my own style. This one for the great show Steven Universe:


First Page Redone

It’s always better to make something imperfect rather than a perfect nothing. It’s also hard to go back and redo something you spent a lot of time on. The first page I did for In The Name of Thy Mother was fine, but I always felt I could do it better. Updates on that are a bit postponed so I can release the new redux of page 1. Next proper update should be a double page as we get into the swing of things.


page 1 redone0001

bellow is the original one I made to meet the deadline so you can compare and contrast. Biggest change is new intro is a double page splash. I redid the inks to be more dynamic and give more fluid motion. Also think I did the coloring and lighting A LOT better in the redux. Most important is the better ink work as you can really get a better look at what the monster is like.


let me know what you think.


Also of course check out In the Name of Thy Mother https://www.tumblr.com/blog/inthenameofthymother


New Banner Image and some Doodle Shares

Hi been a while since I updated. Been working hard launching my webcomic http://inthenameofthymother.tumblr.com/ and starting working on a patreon. Also sent out another set of comic line work to be published so huzzah!


In an effort to make myself more presentable, have been working on self branding images, which brings me my new banner!  cropped-trah-pandsa2.jpg

I feel nothing quite so sums up me as some drunk raccoons racing a recycling bin down the freeway


Also been doing a bunch of doodles for fun, trying to set up my live stream and a few commission works.


Let’s share all the doodle and art stuff I *should* have been posting here but was too lazy to update till now!

My First Publication

So getting back into the website and trying to get the old girl into proper shape. My New Years resolution has been to really push my art and try to get as much work for it as possible and so far it has been a big success. I have my first publication coming out this month (February) and have gotten a great deal more interest in commissions and future small publications and ongoing gigs. Expect to see some possible comic and webcomic work coming out from this page soon! Check in frequently for teasers and updates.

But the real important thing is that I did words for one story and art for two for an actual gosh darnit published comic work.


Strange Romance Vol 1 Cover


Quoting from the press release…


Phantasmic Tales comics is proud to announce the debut of STRANGE ROMANCE, an anthology of love stories in the SF, Fantasy, Horror and other “weird” genres. Strange Romance will be available for digital download at ComiXology on Wednesday, February 10th.

Love, they say, is strange…and never stranger than when it happens in comics. Bringing together a talented team of indie creators and up-and-comers, Strange Romance tells fourteen tales of love, romance and relationships against a genre background, be they humorous, heartwarming or horrific. A lonely gorgon who turned her lover to stone…a mad scientist determined to create his ideal woman, no matter how many tries it takes…a man who uses time travel to fix his relationship problems…a contest winner who develops a bizarre fixation…and much more! They say there’s someone out there for everyone…the question is, how far out?

Being released Valentine’s Day week, Strange Romance is the first volume of a planned annual anthology. It will be available atComiXology.com on the morning of Wednesday, February the 10th. You can learn more by following @PhantasmicTales on twitter or visitingwww.phantasmictales.com or strangeromance.net.

How awesome is that?  I did art for the talented @charlotteofoz​ ‘s story “My Marble Heart. But that’s not all; I also wrote and illustrated my own story “I’ll Be Your Mirror”. Both of which I’m super proud of. The book is going to be great; it’s edited by Adam Prosser and will feature the work of swell folk like  @aninventoryofthepossible @stumblebumstudios​ @jakeekiss Sam Noir,  and many many more

Super happy for this to be the first of many publications for me and I definitely plan to pitch for next year’s edition.

It’s due to drop on Comixology on the 10th. Be sure to pick it up, I’ve read the advanced copy I got and it really is something special. . There’s aliens, robots, magic, curses, comedy, despair and…chewing gum? Seriously check it out. Sure to be the perfect gift for that special nerd in your life wink wink nudge nudge

Commission Portfolio

A collection of my past work for clients.

Giant Wereboar, Modron Decaton, and Tome Archon creatures from Dungeons and Dragons done for http://thecreaturechronicle.tumblr.com/


Banner images done for Deadshirt.net




Album Track Art for Chris Neptune “That Someone” Album https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/that-someone-single/id1020495496


Private Commissions for Clients

Logo work for clients and my own.

http://www.niteflirt.com/Ms%20Inara%2 (NSFW)



Banner images for Geeky Gimp Blog 



Game Art for Mint Tin Mini Apocalypse from http://subquark.com/


Creature Design Work for Black Veil Entertainment 

Quickie Blog: Photoshop versus Manga Studio Inking

Did a test run of how inking works in Manga studio. I sketched out this alien priestess to be the test subject.

10690253_10104516134023099_4668051375753063577_n (1)

was pretty pleased with the sketch. Let’s see how the inking tools in Manga Studio turned out…nelxi inking done

Damn I’m pretty happy with that, especially for a first time playing with the program. Highly recommend Manga Studio for inking over Adobe Photoshop. While Adobe may still be supreme for coloring the pen and marker tools in MS are designed specifically for inking and are light years ahead. They’re easier and more intuitive to use than PS’s pen/path tools with their complex and abstract curve and anchor points and are much crisper and cleaner than Adobe’s blotchy and bleeding brush tool.

Here’s a comparison for a peice I sketched and drew using PS, was just a fun one of Don Knotts as Galactus…


(Thanks to @Joe_Hunter on twitter for the prompt)

It came out pretty good, but it’s definitely sloppier in certain points, and not as crisp. Some of the line work is also shakier and less precise, and the smoothness of uneven brush strokes really stands out to me. This may just be my computer but for some reason MS is much more precise in reading pressure than PS. (both used the same settings of tip hardness from the driver, so I don’t know if MS has it’s own or is just better at reading signals or if it’s my imagination or what…)

If any reader does art stuff with a tablet I’d highly recommend MS 4. It also has a bunch of useful tools specifically for comic artists so big bonus there. Only real downside seems to be an upper limit on how big pages can be, but it runs at a much higher resolution quicker and faster than PS, so that’s more than compensated for. Think I’ll be using MS for a lot of inking in the near future.

PS still reigns supreme for coloring for me though and I’m considering doing a tutorial on my process for it. Let me know if anyone is interested.