It’s always better to make something imperfect rather than a perfect nothing. It’s also hard to go back and redo something you spent a lot of time on. The first page I did for In The Name of Thy Mother was fine, but I always felt I could do it better. Updates on that are a bit postponed so I can release the new redux of page 1. Next proper update should be a double page as we get into the swing of things.


page 1 redone0001

bellow is the original one I made to meet the deadline so you can compare and contrast. Biggest change is new intro is a double page splash. I redid the inks to be more dynamic and give more fluid motion. Also think I did the coloring and lighting A LOT better in the redux. Most important is the better ink work as you can really get a better look at what the monster is like.


let me know what you think.


Also of course check out In the Name of Thy Mother