Hi, I’m James, and I make art.  I am self-taught, based in NJ, and I live with my wife and pets in a cool little home.  I have a background in Animal Science and a deep love of the weird, the grotesque, and the nerdy.  I’ve been drawing pretty much all of my life, experimenting with all different media.  I tend to do a lot of intricate line drawing, and then digitally paint and color it in.

This is also the home of my comic, sketch, podcast and other projects including the Monster Maker Project.


When I’m not drawing, coloring, editing, and otherwise being creative, I do lots of fun things.  I like all sorts of nerd-friendly media, from Star Trek to Doctor Who.  My wife and I enjoy having friends over for D&D sessions and movie parties.  I also like getting creative in the kitchen, playing with the “horrible” housepets, and getting outside in nature.

Pirate vs alien no watermark