Prices are negotiable due to the subjective nature of the work but in general I aim to be reasonable.

A commision nuys you the conception and execution of work and rights to use and display for personal use or commercial projects. You may NOT use any commissioned for for NFTs, Crypto currency related projects, or any other form of speculation, investment or gambling schemes or businesses.

  • A black and white bust or simple pose= $20 USD
  • A Black and white full body or complicated pose=$30 USD
  • A Simple black and white scene= $45 USD
  • A complex black and white scene or crowd scene= $60 USD
  • A Color Bust or simple pose $50 USD
  • A Color Full body image or action pose= $60 USD
  • A Color Scene or Crowd image = $70-90 USD depending on complexity.
  • Rush Job = Case by Case basis but add 20%-50% more
  • A Character Design sheet involving a Front/Back view or bust+pose= $50-60 USD
  • A full Turn Around Sheet (front, back and 2 profiles, or 1 profile and 1 45 degree turn)=$80 USD
  • For an extra pose to a character design sheet or turn around: +$20 to base price per pose
  • For an extra Head/Bust image to a character design sheet or turn around= +$10 USD per image.
  • Physical Print= $10 per print + Shipping

Discounts available for ongoing jobs, bulk orders, and other select instances

Interested in an order?  E-mail me with detailed instructions Ingforart@gmail.com
Please note that prices may be subject to change due to complexity of work, time constraints, or other factors. We will converse via E-mail or Skype, Discord or Zoom to negotiate and ensure both parties have full understanding of the project.

I look forward to working with you!